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KELBRYN DEZIGN - Economy Website Build & Maintenance Services


We offer to build a website to your specifications, but within the 'Keep it Clean & Simple' look we like.
Please take a look at some of the websites we have created, via the links on the 'Dezignz' page and see if you like the general appearance.
No two websites will be the same - yours will have its own individual character!
(From 2012, we may offer more complex sites.)

We will host your website for you or purchase webspace on your behalf (both renewable annually),  or can use a Free WebHost if you wish.
Please be aware Free Hosts are usually subject to advertisements on your pages, over which you have no control, can change the rules at short notice and/or limit site size.

If you already have your own Domain name, this can be directed to the site. If not, you may wish to buy your own Domain name or we can organise this for you - cost will depend on the suffix selected
your or  (There are other options)
Your Domain name must be renewed annually or your website will disappear into cyber-space!

If you don't wish to buy a Domain name, your new website URL will be  (if canine related) or (a good option if you are likely to move your site as the name can be redirected with it)

SPECIAL RATES for 2012  (valid for sites booked/deposit paid by 30 June 2012)

Website Hosting

Basic Package includes:

Site Set-Up
plus: per Page
Monthly Updates (scheduled) 
per monthly or annual fee

Navigation Bar
(included in set-up fee)
Horizontal Menu -
number of buttons will be limited by style selected, or
Vertical Menu

Routine back-up to Flash Drive - yours to keep should you decide to move your website elsewhere, or Kelbryn Dezign becomes unable to provide further service.

Extras include:

Navigation Bar with Sub Menus
To keep costs down you may prefer to link to subpages from a main Menu page

Urgent / Unscheduled Updates

Logo Design -
subject to negotiation, currently limited ability

Photo Editing - We would prefer site ready photos. No extra charge for resizing or cropping.

(NB  Photos by professional photographers will NOT be cropped)

Photos - Don't have photos? We may be able to photograph your dog at a show somewhere?

Site Overhauls / Reconstruction -
subject to negotiation
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